[lime] Healing Inn Yuragi-tei [Healing – Ear Cleaning & Licking] / [雷夢] 『癒しの旅館 ゆらぎ亭』 -癒し音声- 耳かき・耳舐め CV:みもりあいの

On your solemn journey you find yourself at a healing inn. Yuragi-tei.
Awaiting you there, a simple and pure girl by the name of Yuzuna.
She will service you thoroughly… through her kindness and healing nature…
let the stress and burdens of the world evaporate from within you…
Track List
[Scene 1][17:26] Relaxing in an outdoor hotspring… with massage
[Scene 2][09:22] A walk for two at dusk
[Scene 3][10:20] Ear Cleaning – Lap Pillow
[Scene 4][11:02] Erotic Ear Licking
[Scene 5][13:41] Handjob – Breasts – French Kissing
[Scene 6][03:00] Sleeping Together
Ear Cleaning_right ear [09:43]
Ear Cleaning_left ear [10:24]
Total playback time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Release: 2017/04/29
File type: mp3, wma
Genre: lolicon, handjob, healing, ear cleaning, romance
Language: japanese
Size: 381.8MB


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